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Dec 31, 1969:

Girl Jam Mission

Girl Jam celebrates women's artistic achievements in traditional jazz music and dance with the intention of inspiring today's jazz-loving female artists in a supportive, collective learning environment.

The focus on communication between jazz musicians and jazz dancers is a fundamental aspect of the jazz tradition, and this is what Girl Jam aims to foster in a welcoming, communal atmosphere for women of all ages and ability levels.

The 3 day festival is packed full of community activities for both men and women to explore the the history of the female voice in American jazz culture and to interact with and be entertained by those continuing the traditions today.

Girl Jam History

Giselle Anguizola created the first California Girl Jam in 2005 to celebrate the role of women in vernacular jazz dance and to provide the swing dance community with a workshop devoted entirely to the follower's perspective. In collaboration with Jojo Jackson, was created to spread this concept. Since the California debut, there have been eleven Girl Jams and dozens of follower-focused dance events that have been hosted in nearly every region of the United States, as well as in countries abroad.

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