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Dec 31, 1969:

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a traditional jazz & swing dance performer, teacher, and producer of one of the most prestigious swing dance festivals in the world, The New Orleans Swing Dance Festival & The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. She also co-produces (with local musician Ben Polcer) a week-long music and dance camp called Welbourne Jazz Camp, tours as a dancer with Meschiya Lake & The Lil Big Horns, and has formerly toured with the now defunct Loose Marbles.

After spending a decade studying swing dancing and traveling to events around the world, Amy spontaneously moved to New Orleans (along with partner Chance Bushman) in January 2007. Not long after that move, she had a serendipitous meeting in the streets of New Orleans with the Loose Marbles, a band of young traditional jazz musicians who had also just moved to the city. From then on, Amy and Chance, along with singer Meschiya Lake, began performing with the Loose Marbles almost every day on Royal Street in New Orleans, Washington Square Park in New York, and on street corners and squares of Amsterdam and Berlin.

Since her fateful move to New Orleans in 2007, Amy has been influential in encouraging some of the nations top swing dancers to move to the city, has helped put New Orleans on the map as a major swing dance destination, has directly (and indirectly) inspired the migration of many more swing dancers to New Orleans, and has opened the door for dancers to make a living collaborating with bands on various projects in the city. Her street performing and travels around the world have inspired many new people to discover the joys of swing dancing, and with the re-location of The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown to New Orleans, Amy has helped introduce New Orleans music to swing dancers & jazz-fans world-wide.

Amy is co-founder (with Chance) of the non-profit organization, Nola Jitterbugs, has written and directed acts for The Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show, and currently produces "The Chorus Girl Project", an all girl performance series taught by herself, Giselle Anguizola, and Laura Manning.

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