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Dec 31, 1969:

Laura Manning

Laura Manning is a performer, instructor, and all round disciple of early 20th century American jazz dances, a field in which her talents and experience vary widely: On any given day you’ll find her practicing with New Orleans’ Wild Dominoes, entertaining the crowds on Royal Street with the Smoking Time Jazz Band, teaching classes uptown and down, planning or choreographing the Old New Orleans Lil Big Vaudeville Variety Show, or just going for it at the Spotted Cat to her favorite local band.

Personable and down to earth, Laura is esteemed for her distinctive, rhythmic dance styling, her amicability, professionalism and acuity when working with others, and the joy and spirit she brings to all aspects of her working life, from writing scripts, creating and producing shows, to dancing, teaching and performing. She loves her students and she loves her home, New Orleans.

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