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Dec 31, 1969:

Marla Dixon

Marla Dixon learned to play trumpet in high school but, after an odd, albeit fun, year with a small recreational British Drum Corps band, she gave up making music. Seven years later, she wandered into exactly the wrong Toronto dive at precisely the right time and heard Cliff Bastien's Happy Pals playing the music she'd always loved, but had never heard live.

Having begun her earnest trumpet & sousaphone education in bars and clubs of Toronto and New Orleans, Marla relocated to Louisiana in 2010 and found her way back to the front-line, playing trumpet with groups like the Shotgun Jazz Band, Ben Polcer's Orleans 6, and the Nola Jitterbug's Speakeasy Trio.

Marla is proud to be a part of Nola Girl Jam 2012, and celebrates women music and dance every time she plays her proverbial pants off.

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